Project and Management Support

NSEC provides a variety of Management support services to assist our clients with the evaluation of Plant performance as well as development strategies to improve performance and meet regulatory requirements. These services include:

System Performance Evaluations

  • Power Systems Evaluations – NSEC utilizes PowerDOE, an energy system simulation program developed by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), to model energy systems and analyze energy utilization at a facility.
  • Power Distribution Evaluations – NSEC utilizes Power Technologies, Inc.’s PSS/Adept System, a power system simulator to model balanced or unbalanced, looped or radial electric systems with any combination of three-phase, two-phase, or single-phase laterals.
  • System Performance Enhancement Plan – Based on the results of these evaluations, NSEC CAN develop a System Performance Enhancement Plan. This plan describes the results of the performance evaluations and provides recommendations for system modifications or other improvements that will result in greater thermal efficiency, optimize system operation, and reduce overall costs.

Project Support
NSEC has the capability to provide a full range of Project Support services including:

  • Bid Specifications/Evaluations
  • Project Management/Tracking
  • Verification & Validation Programs
  • System Performance/Compliance Evaluations

Licensing and Regulatory Support
NSEC provides a wide range of licensing and regulatory support services to utility, industrial, and commercial clients. These services include:

  • NSEC will evaluate new or updated licensing and regulatory requirements and develop functional requirements requirement to meet the new regulations.
  • NSEC can develop functional requirements documents required meet licensing and regulatory requirements
  • NSEC can develop design-basis documents needed to meet licensing or regulatory requirements
  • NSEC can perform independent Verification and Validation (V&V) and system conformance evaluations to ensure regulatory compliance

Please browse the other pages on our site for detailed information on our capabilities or go to Experience Summary for summarized information. To speak with our professionals: Contact NSEC electronically or call (772) 492-9493.