Management Information Systems (Dashboards)

Since 1982, Network Systems Engineering Corp. (NSEC) has designed, implemented, and supported numerous types of management information systems that acquire, analyze, and present system or process information in ways that improve the operations, efficiency, profitability, and reliability of a client’s facilities. The ability to gather, analyze, and present data in a meaningful way to the people and/or systems that rely on that data to make the correct decisions is critical to the safe and efficient operation of power generation and distribution systems.

NSEC’s information integration capabilities allow the incorporation of real-time operations information into financial systems and executive summary reports providing accountants, managers, executives, and others with the ability to analyze current performance, make future projections, identify losses, and take action to maximize overall profitability. Information systems may also be used to improve the efficiency of areas such as maintenance scheduling and work order tracking.

NSEC develops custom, client/server, internet/intranet, and stand-alone software systems for utility, industrial, and commercial applications covering:

  • Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Areas
  • Regulatory Monitoring and Reporting Areas
  • Operations, Maintenance, and Testing
  • Facility Management
  • Internet-Based Data Storage and Retrieval
  • Communications (Data Links)

NSEC utilizes its expertise to develop web-based Dashboards to provide concise, real-time summary displays, while providing users the ability to drill down to obtain more detailed information, when required. These displays, geared towards operational and managerial personnel, can be setup with security features based on user login to limit access of the information to authorized users.

NSEC will work with our clients to identify and implement appropriate off-the-shelf systems that are capable of accessing, storing, and disseminating information. NSEC analyzes a client’s needs to determine which hardware and software systems match the requirements of the application, require the least customization, minimize the risks of obsolescence, and provide the most flexibility for future upgrades, enhancements, and additions. NSEC develops custom solutions of commercially available products are not available or appropriate for the application.