Digital/Software Systems

Network Systems Engineering Corp. (NSEC) provides specialized services related to digital and software systems utilized in the Electric Power Industry.
As part of our Plant Engineering services, NSEC provides services associated with the design, procurement, and implementation of the network infrastructure required by various Plant Systems. NSEC has experience with the design and implementation of the following:

  • High-speed data communications
  • Fiber Optic Backbones
  • Redundant IP Networks
  • Data Storage/Archival Systems
  • Network Traffic and Access Monitoring Systems
  • Network Firewalls
  • Data Diodes

In addition, NSEC provides the following specialized services.

NSEC, with its extensive experience with computer systems in nuclear applications, is uniquely suited to assist its Clients with the implementation of a comprehensive Cyber Security Program in accordance with all applicable regulatory requirements, including 10CFR73.54, NEI08-09, and NEI10-04.

NSEC will work with its Clients to perform the following:

  • Identify SSEP critical digital assets (CDAs)
  • Evaluate the applicability of cyber security controls to the SSEP CDAs, in accordance with NEI-10-09. This evaluation will yield potential security gaps in CDAs which must be remediated.
  • Develop a remediation plan for applicable security controls for which a CDA does not adequately comply with the NEI-10-09 requirements.

Since 1982, NSEC has designed, implemented, and supported numerous types of management information systems that acquire, analyze, and present system or process information in ways that improve the operations, efficiency, profitability, and reliability of a client’s facilities.
NSEC’s information integration capabilities allow the incorporation of the latest real-world information into financial systems and executive summary reports providing accountants, managers, executives, and others with the ability to analyze current performance, make future projections, identify losses, and take action to maximize overall profitability. Information systems may also be used to improve the efficiency of areas such as maintenance scheduling and work order tracking.
NSEC will work with our clients to identify and implement appropriate off-the-shelf packages, customize them as necessary, or develop new ones when necessary.

For over twenty years, NSEC has been working on remote monitoring and control systems designed to meet the needs of our electric generation and distribution clients. Since evaluating the available technologies in 2002, NSEC has embraced the concept of on-line remote monitoring and control, performed using commercially available hardware and software systems that support an open client-server architecture and standard protocols. We call it the Virtual Energy Management System or Virtual–EMS®. Virtual–EMS® is a management information system designed to provide a secure, user-friendly means of disseminating system operating and performance information to authorized users.
Network Systems’ Virtual–EMS® integrates all monitoring, control, archiving, and analysis functions, usually available only at hard-wired “brick-and-mortar” centers, and puts them on-line. With Virtual–EMS®, any user that has access to the Internet can perform any of these functions, previously available only at a central location, using a common point-and-click Graphic User Interface. This allows for the creation of “virtual” control rooms or operations centers consisting of a group of authorized users, each located literally anywhere in the world.

For over 10 years, Network Systems has been actively engaged in assisting its clients with the implementation and use of OSIsoft’s Real-Time Performance Management (RtPM™) Platform.
Network Systems has assisted clients with the implementation of PI Servers, including interfaces to data sources such as Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Plant Digital Control Systems (DCS), and Energy Management Systems (EMS). In addition, Network Systems has had extensive experience with developing information displays utilizing PI-ProcessBook®, implementing analytical calculations using the PI Advanced Computing Engine (PI ACE™), and developing sophisticated performance reports using DataLink™ and RtReports™.

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